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5 votes away from total ban on guns.

Britain is just FIVE votes away from a total ban on handguns, Labour revealed last night.

Party bosses say they have scrutinised how every MP will vote, and believe if a handful of waverers join the crusade, John Major's cop-out gun laws could be defeated on Monday night.

They have launched a last-ditch offensive this weekend to persuade dithering Simulating more colors and shades in a palette. In a monochrome system that displays or prints only black and white, shades of grays can be simulated by creating varying patterns of black dots. This is how halftones are created in a monochrome printer.  Tories to back an amendment calling for a total handgun ban.

A Labour spokesman warned: "Without this small number of votes, we will almost certainly be staring at one of the saddest days Parliament has ever seen."

Four Tory rebels - David Mellor
For the industrial designer, see David Mellor (cutler).

David John Mellor QC (born 12 March 1949) is a British Conservative politician and barrister, broadcaster and journalist.
, Hugh Dykes, Robert Hughes Robert Hughes may refer to:

  • Robert Hughes, Baron Hughes of Woodside (born 1932), British Labour politician, MP for Aberdeen North
  • Robert Gurth Hughes (born 1951), British Conservative politician, MP for Harrow West
 and Terry Dicks, who was sacked by Major this week - have also vowed to use their influence and plead plead v. 1) in civil lawsuits and petitions, the filing of any document (pleading) including complaints, petitions, declarations, motions, and memoranda of points and authorities.  with Conservative colleagues to support a ban.

The 11th-hour bid comes despite John Major's refusal to allow a free vote.

The Ulster Unionists made it clear they will not support Labour's amendment calling for a total prohibition.

But anti-gun MPs, plus the Dunblane parents and Snowdrop snowdrop: see amaryllis.

Any of about 12 species and many variations of white-flowered, spring-blooming, bulbous Eurasian plants that make up the genus Galanthus of the amaryllis family. Several species, including common snowdrop (G.
 campaigners, were encouraged when Labour shooter Frank Cook said he'd miss the vote.

And Hughes claims two Tories - Den Dover Densmore Ronald Dover, known as Den Dover, (born April 4, 1938 in Warrington, Cheshire) is a British politician, and Member of the European Parliament for the North West England region for the Conservative Party. Den Dover was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999.  and Sir Gerard Vaughan - could back a full ban. They were not available for comment.

Labour chiefs admit that, if they fail to rally more Tories, Major's proposal to allow 40,000 .22 guns to remain in circulation will become law.

The Labour aide added: "We reckon we need five votes to win.

"We've greatly increased our effort to convince wavering Tories that outlawing all handguns is the only way to secure public safety and ensure a tragedy like Dunblane never happens again."
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 16, 1996
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