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5 Penn Plaza goes state-of-the-art.

5 Penn Plaza goes state-of-the-art

5 Penn Plaza -- nerve center for CNN and UPI, two worldwide news gathering organizations -- is being transformed into one of the most modern communications and high technology centers in the city, announced Edward S. Gordon, president of the Edward S. Gordon Company, Inc. (ESG).

The installation of a second fiber optics communications cable system in the building -- along with new technical modifications and extensive upgrades completed this year -- allows for disruption free communications, enabling the building to house the most technologically advanced firms, he added.

The Metropolitan Fiber System gives 5 Penn Plaza access to two fiber optic communications networks. The new system will be a huge advantage for companies in which uninterrupted communications are essential.

"5 Penn Plaza joins the select ranks of highly sophisticated office buildings in New York City that offer dual fiber optic networks," said Robert Baraf, head of the ESG leasing team for the building. "This ensures that current tenants such as Cable News Network, United Press International, News America and Federal Express will virtually never experience a breakdown in this critical service. By choosing one system as a primary provider and one as a back-up, their communications capabilities are virtually fail-safe."

Renovations completed this year added an additional 700 tons of cooling capacity to the original 1,400 tons, enabling the building to accommodate heat-generating main frame computers on every floor. The construction of the building allows for any raised flooring needed for computer and telecommunications wiring, still maintaining a nine-foot ceiling height. Floors are capable of supporting 240 pounds per square foot.

The final phase of 5 Penn Plaza's transformation, which has just been completed, includes a new entrance with twin revolving doors and a new canopy that covers the sidewalk in front of the building. The canopy blends into the building's original design. In addition, the concierge desk has been upgraded, enhancing the central control of the building's security and environmental systems. The retrofit of the building includes 1,400 new operable windows, new bathrooms, state of the art elevator equipment and increased power capable of accommodating any tenant requirements.
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Title Annotation:Renovation & Rehabilitation Supplement; installing second fiber optics communication cable system
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Jul 24, 1991
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