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34th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Artillery.

The 34th Div Arty (MNARNG and IAARNG) demonstrated its readiness in TY04, deploying Soldiers for Stabilization Force 14 (SFOR-14), Kosovo Peace-keeping Force 5B (KFOR-5B), USAFE USAFE United States Air Forces in Europe
USAFE Utah Safety Awareness and Fire Educators (Murray, UT) 
 II, OIF II and OEF III. One unit is now on alert for OIF III.

1-194 FA, DS to 2d Brigade, is the only Div Arty FA unit to perform AT while conducting its wartime mission. The 194th mobilized for one year in September 2002 to support Operation Noble Eagle Operation Noble Eagle is the U.S. military operational designator to the military's efforts in the War on Terrorism that were carried out on US soil. The operation began September 14, 2001, in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks, and continues to the time of this writing.  II, a homeland security mission. Its focus was homeland security stability and support operations Stability and support operations involve military forces providing safety and support to friendly noncombatants while suppressing and threatening forces.

SASO operations can occur in everything from natural disaster areas (earthquakes, storms and flooding) to insurgencies
 (SOSO); however, it also trained on FA Table VI/VII tasks during the year. 24 months had passed since the unit last fired its howitzers. The 194th conducted AT at Camp Guernsey, WY, achieving Table XV with assistance and an EXEVAL EXEVAL External Evaluation
EXEVAL Exercise Evaluation
 from the Div Arty headquarters. On reaching that level, it delivered more than 3,000 rounds down range. 1-194 FA has 74 personnel and equipment supporting other operations, including OIF, OEF III and KFOR KFOR Kosovo Peacekeeping Force
KFOR Kosovo Forces (NATO) 


1-125 FA, DS to 1st Brigade, and 1-151 FA, GS, did not conduct AT due to its deployment to support the European Command (EUCOM EUCOM European Command (USEUCOM)
EUCOM European Union Forces
). The deployment provided force protection and security at DoD facilities in England, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Turkey. 1-125 FA will conduct artillery live fire during the 4th Quarter of TY04 and began fielding the gun-laying and positioning system (GLPS) and initial fire support automation system (IFSAS IFSAS Initial Fire Support Automated System
IFSAS Interim Fire Support Automation System
) V-7 software in September.

1-151 FA, a corps asset, planned to go to WY for its AT, but an alert order in May changed its focus for the remainder of TY04. It will supply two security companies and a support cell for OIF III, if mobilized. Its training changed to that of a security company. 1-151 suspended all FA table tasks and began an aggressive SOSO lanes package for its AT cycle.

E/151 FA (TA) deployed for OIF II, providing radar coverage for multiple units, including elements of the 1st ID, 1st Cav, 1st AD, 2d ID, 4th ID, 25th ID and I MEF.

While serving at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, HHB 34th Div Arty, donated humanitarian aid and helped repair the Ramadan Rexhepi School, including the removal of land mines.

The 34th Red Bull Div Arty stands ready and proud to be a partner in today's Army. Attack, Attack, Attack!
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Date:Nov 1, 2004
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