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Into the year 2000, the competition in the spring bed business is expected to be increasingly tight. This is indicated by the fact that there are already a high number of different spring bed brands available on the domestic market. At present, according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 data with Data Consult, there are at least 20 producers operating in the spring bed industry, which is categorized cat·e·go·rize  
tr.v. cat·e·go·rized, cat·e·go·riz·ing, cat·e·go·riz·es
To put into a category or categories; classify.

 as a household appliance A stand-alone hardware device or software environment dedicated to a specific task. See hardware appliance and software appliance.  industry.

Spring beds are originally foreign products, and they are made of spunbond, dacron (fiber fill), PU foam, cotton sheet, spiral spiral /spi·ral/ (spi´ral)
1. helical; winding like the thread of a screw.

2. helix; a winding structure.
 springs, edging frame, and triple coil supporting. These basic components are put together using an automatic machine. Many spring-bed producers in Indonesia Indonesia (ĭn'dənē`zhə), officially Republic of Indonesia, republic (2005 est. pop. 241,974,000), c.735,000 sq mi (1,903,650 sq km), SE Asia, in the Malay Archipelago.  adopt the production technology from the principals and adjust it to the consumers' taste.

A spring bed is not only more comfortable but also more durable than an ordinary bed because it is made of high-carbon steel sprins which can withstand the weight of a human body for a long time.

Nowadays, the spring bed industry grows impressively. The domestic demand for spring beds continues to rise with improvements in the people's income. Spring beds are produced not only for households but also for international hotels.

Generally, spring beds are designed on the basis of the technology owned by the producer. "Guhdo" spring beds, for example, are designed using the "Bonnel" technology from Switzerland. To ensure sleeping comfort, a "Guhdo" spring bed uses between 125 and 188 interconnected spiral springs per square meter Noun 1. square meter - a centare is 1/100th of an are
centare, square metre

area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
, depending on its category and type.

Meanwhile, a "Cosisoft" spring bed uses 150 spiral springs per square meter. These steel spiral springs are interconnected with one another in an unknotted coil system, which ensures minimum bumpiness/jolt wheal wheal (hwel) a localized area of edema on the body surface, often attended with severe itching and usually evanescent; it is the typical lesion of urticaria.

 the person sleeping on it moves. According to some information, the unknotted coil system is produced using an automated au·to·mate  
v. au·to·mat·ed, au·to·mat·ing, au·to·mates
1. To convert to automatic operation: automate a factory.

 method and has been well-tested in Europe, the U.S.A., and Australia.

The pioneer of Indonesia's spring bed industry is PT Dunlopillo Indonesia, which started to produce spring beds in 1970. Initially, this company only exhibited Dunlopillo products which were imported from Malaysia. In view of the high domestic demand for spring beds and of the shift in the use of beds among people in large cities, PT Dunlopillo Indonesia finally established a spring bed factory in Bekasi, West Java. Up to now, PT Dunlopillo has been producing spring beds under license from Dunlop of England.

PT Furintraco, which produces "Stallman" spring beds, initially employed expatriates from Italy to control the quality of its products. Eventually, when the company had acquired the capability of producing spring beds of international quality standard, it terminated its contract agreement with these expatriates. According to a source with PT Furintraco, although the components are still imported from Italy, the company modifies these components.

PT Duta Abadi Primantara, which produces "Florence" spring beds, uses American technology. The company's plant is located in Tangerang, West Java. Meanwhile, PT Tanditama Mandiri --which produces "Guhdo" spring beds-- uses Swiss technology. Besides spring beds for households, the company also produces spring beds for hotels.

PT Master Spring Bed, whose plant is located in Bogor, West Java, produces "Master" spring beds. With its head office located in Kelapa Gading Kelapa Gading is a subdistrict of North Jakarta, Indonesia.

The subdistrict is divided into 3 administrative villages (kelurahan): West Kelapa Gading, East Kelapa Gading, and Pegangsaan Dua. The postcodes for Kelapa Gading are 14240 and 14250.
 Permai, Jakarta, PT Master Spring Bed markets its products through its showroom in Plaza Indonesia Plaza Indonesia is located in central Jakarta and is often referred as PI. Plaza Indonesia is the first high end shopping centre in Indonesia. Having opened its doors since 1990, Plaza Indonesia is located on the prominent corner of Jakarta's famous landmark, the selamat datang . The corn .party produces three types of spring beds. The luxury type, for example, has three size categories as follows: 160 cm x 200 cm, which sells for Rp 990,000 per unit; 180 cm x 200 cm, for Rp 1.1 million per unit; and 200 cm x 200 cm, for Rp 1.2 million per unit, exclusive of the prop.

PT Dufabuana Kreasi, whose plant is located in Bekasi, West Java, not only produces "Liberty" spring beds but also markets "Federal" spring beds.

PT Karvin Artamas, whose plant is located in Surabaya, East Java East Java (Indonesian: Jawa Timur) is a province of Indonesia. It is located on the eastern part of the island of Java and also includes neighboring Madura and Bawean islands. , produces "Potenza" spring beds. The company produces its spring beds using a combination of technologies from Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan. How these technologies are combined together depends on the specifications desired by the buyer. Although many spring bed producers use foreign technologies, PT Indofibre Mattres Industry --whose plant is located in Surabaya, East Java- uses a local technology, which the company has developed on the basis of the results of some research which it conducted in Indonesia. Among the components used by the company to produce its "Everdream" spring beds are latex latex, emulsion of a polymer (e.g., rubber) in water (see colloid). Natural latexes are produced by a number of plants, are usually white in color, and often contain, in addition to rubber, various gums, oils, and waxes.  and coconut coconut, fruit of the coco palm (Cocos nucifera), a tree widely distributed through tropical regions. The seed is peculiarly adapted to dispersal by water because the large pod holding the nut is buoyant and impervious to moisture.  fibre.

In addition to the spring bed producers mentioned earlier, there are still a considerable number of spring bed producers and they produce different brands which are available on the market such as Olympic, Elegant, Elite, Ligna, Rama, Harmonis, and others.

New breakthrough

Amidst a·midst  
Variant of amid.

[Middle English amiddes : amidde; see amid + -es, adverbial suffix; see -s3.]
 the many spring bed brands available on the domestic market, PT Pan Buana Utama Sejahtera markets magnetic spring beds which are manufactured by Japan Life Sleeping System of Japan. One leading feature of these magnetic spring beds is that they have a magnetic field which not only ensures sleeping comfort but also is good for health. These magnetic spring beds are of four types, and their market segment is high-income people. Their price varies from Rp 3 million to Rp 10 million/unit.

In view of the fact that spring beds are expensive while consumers are turning theft back to wooden beds, PT Merdi Mahayana has made a new breakthrough, namely beds that are made of iron pipe and plate. These beds are called bunkbeds, and their price are affordable to people of middle-lower income.

A bunkbed offers a number of advantages: it does not take much space; it is easy to dismantle dis·man·tle  
tr.v. dis·man·tled, dis·man·tling, dis·man·tles
a. To take apart; disassemble; tear down.

 and to put together; and it has a strong construction. PT Merdi Mahayana markets its products mainly through exhibitions although this company has a number of showrooms in Jakarta. The price of a bunkbed varies from Rp 98,000 to Rp 700,000/unit.

According to some information, PT Merdi Mahayana--whose plant is located in Lippo City Cikarang, West Java--has the capacity to produce 2,000 units of bunkbeds per month. The company only produces such components and iron constructions as scaffolding, multibeam, pipe support, and steel & fire doors. The iron pipe is supplied by PT Pabrik Pipa Indonesia, which is affiliated to PT Merdi Mahayana itself, and the iron plates are supplied by PT Krakatau Steel.

Prices vary widely

The prices of spring beds vary widely according to the type and size. Spring beds are marketed not only through distributors but also through appointed dealers. In Jakarta, the most expensive spring bed brand is "Romance." "Romance" spring beds of the pocket silver spring 400 type are offered at Rp 2.3 million per unit for size 200 cm x 200 em and at Rp 1.5 million per unit for size 160 em x 200 cm. "Alga" spring beds of the same size are offered at, respectively, Rp 1.7 million and Rp 1.4 million/unit.

The cheapes spring bed brand is "Federal," which is produced by PT Dufabuana Kreasi. "Federal" spring beds of size 160 cm x 200 cm are offered at Rp 521,500/unit while "Guhdo" spring beds of the same size are sold at Rp 755,000 per unit.

The prices of spring beds for hotels also vary. "Master" spring beds, which are produced by PT Master Spring Bed, are offered at Rp 900,000/unit for size 160 cm x 200 cm, Rp 1,100,000/unit for size 180 cm x 200 cm, and Rp 1,210,000/unit for size 200 em x 200 cm. These prices are exclusive of a 10% VAT VAT

See: Value-added tax


See value-added tax (VAT).
, and they are subject to changes.

Table - 1 Some spring bed producers in Indonesia, 1997
Name of company            Location of plant      Brand

PT Dura Abadi Primantara   Tangerang, West Java   Florence
PT Furintraco              Bekasi, West Java      Stallman
PT Karvin Artamas          Surabaya, East Java    Potenza
PT Indofibre Matress       Surabaya, East Java    Everdream
PT Dunlopillo              Bekasi, West Java      Dunlopillo
PT Samudra Indoperkasa             n.a            Romance
PT Dufanbuana Kreasi       Bekasi, West Java      Liberty,
PT Master Spring Bed       Kedung Halang, Bogor   Master
Top From Spring Bed        Jakarta                Nasional
PT Matrastama Maestro              n.a            Cosisoft
PT Tanditama Mandiri       Tangerang, West Java   Guhdo
PT Alga Jaya Rays                  n.a            Alga
PT Slumberland Indonesia   Tangerang, West Java   Slumberland

Source: Data Consult

Table - 2 Spring bed prices in Jakarta, 1997

(per unit)
Brand                       Size             Price

Romance               120 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,080,000
(Pocket silver 360)   160 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,420,000
                      180 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,530,000
(pocket silver 400)   200 cm x 200 cm    Rp  2,280,000

Alga                  160 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,476,360
(Standard)            180 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,607,000
                      200 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,767,960

Dunlopillo            160 cm x 200 cm    Rp    850,000
(Standard)            180 cm x 200 cm    Rp    950,000
                      200 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,054,000

Liberty               100 cm x 200 cm    Rp    740,000
(Super deluxe)        120 cm x 200 cm    Rp    850,000
                      160 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,090,000

Federal               120 cm x 200 cm    Rp    415,000
(Standard)            160 cm x 200 cm    Rp    521,500
                      180 cm x 200 cm    Rp    557,000
                      200 cm x 200 cm    Rp    607,000

Master                160 cm x 200 cm    Rp    900,000
(Hotel bed)           180 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,100,000
                      200 cm x 200 cm    Rp  1,210,000

Guhdo                 160 cm x 200 cm    Rp    755,000
(Standard)            180 cm x 200 cm    Rp    820,000
                      200 cm x 200 cm    Rp    910,000

Jumbo                 160 cm x 200 cm    Rp    533,000
(Standard)            180 cm x 200 cm    Rp    607,000
                      200 cm x 200 cm    Rp    695,000

Source: Data Consult3
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