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2K Waterborne Polyurethane.

Here are product formulas supplied by producers of raw materials.

Included in some instances are sources of supply for the raw materials and instructions for preparation and use of the finished product.

No guarantee of performance or safety is implied by COATINGS WORLD.

For more complete details readers should contact the suppliers directly at the address given with each formula.

If your company has a formula that you think would be of interest to readers of COATINGS WORLD: marketers of paints, coatings, adhesives and sealants, we will be pleased to consider it for publication.

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Standard 2K Waterborne Polyurethane
using Halox SZP-391

Component A

Grind %wt./Wt.

Bayhydrol VP 2235/1 [1] 32.72 (resin)
Surfynol 104E [2] 0.20 (surfactant)
Orotan 681 [3] 0.50 (dispersant)
Bevaloid 770 [4] 0.20 (leveling agent)
Green GN-M [1] 4.63 (pigment)
Micro-Talkum A.T.1 [5] 16.30 (extender)
HALOX SZP-391 7.00 (A.C. pigment)
Quarznobl F-500 [6] 19.30 (extender)
Water (ionized) 8.65

High speed disperse for 20 minutes to 6+ NS Hegman
grind, then slowly add the following:

HALOX FLASH-X 330 0.50 (flash rust inhibitor)

Mix well for 10 minutes, but do not aerate.

(Stir in before application)

Desmodur N 3600 [1] 10.00 (curing agent)

Total 100.0


% Pigment/Wt. 47.23 Density g/l 1438.85
% Pigment/Vol. 25.34 Brookfield Visc. (cp) 7,000-9,000
% Solids/Wt. 72.47 Part A KU Vise @R.T. 95-105
% Solids/Vol. 57.95 Part A +B KU Visc. @ R.T> 85-95
% PVC 44.33 pH @ R.T. 8.25-8.75
% VOC g/l 80.79 Pot Life 3-4 hours
 Recommended D.F.T. 40 pm min.
 Cure Ratio by Wt. (A:B) 90.10

Supplier Key: [1} Bayer AG [2} Air Products [3] Rohm and Haas
Deutschland GmbH [4} C.H. Erbsloh JG; [5] Norwegian Talc Ltd.
[6] Quarzwerke GmbH

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