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23rd census of world casting production - 1988.

23rd Census of World Casting Production--1988

Thirty-two countries are included in modern casting's 23rd Census of World Casting Production, which represents casting production figures for the year 1988. At press time, 20 countries had responded to our survey, but in order to provide a more complete picture, we have included, for the remaining 12 countries, figures that had been supplied in the years 1985-1987. The 1985 figures are footnoted with a $ sign, 1986 with a # and 1987 with an *.

Compared with metalcasting production figures reported for 1987, this year's total tonnage figure is just slightly higher, with about half the countries reporting increasing production and the other half, decreasing.

The People's Republic of China is the largest producer at 11 million tons, the United States a very close second at ten and a half million and Japan following with a little over seven million. Significant tonnage increases from 1987 to 1988 were reported by Taiwan, France and West Germany.

Information from countries that is received after the deadline will appear in the monthly "Around the World" department of modern casting.

The Census of World Casting Production has been compiled by the staff of modern casting to serve the metalcaster, foundry equipment manufacturer, supplier and others by citing metalcasting activity worldwide. This is the only census of its kind anywhere. [Tabular Data Omitted]
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:Dec 1, 1989
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