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20th TRW/Aerojet DSP Satellite Successfully Launched by U.S. Air Force.

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REDONDO BEACH Redondo Beach (rĭdŏn`dō), city (1990 pop. 60,167), Los Angeles co., S Calif., on the Pacific Ocean; inc. 1892. Once a commercial port for Los Angeles, it is a residential and resort city with a protected harbor and an excellent marina. , Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 9, 2000

The 20th Defense Support Program (DSP (1) (Digital Signal Processor) A special-purpose CPU used for digital signal processing applications (see definition #2 below). It provides ultra-fast instruction sequences, such as shift and add, and multiply and add, which are commonly used in math-intensive ) satellite built by the TRW/Aerojet team was successfully launched yesterday by a Titan IVB IVB Investment Bond
IVB Independent Verification Body
IVB Inner Vascular Bundle
 rocket (powered by Aerojet engines) from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station The Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) is the East Coast space launch facility of the United States Department of Defense. Located on Cape Canaveral in the State of Florida, it depends on Patrick Air Force Base, home of the 45th Space Wing. CCAFS is adjacent to the John F.  in Florida.

The satellite was placed into a geosynchronous orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth approximately seven hours after launch and is sending back state-of-health data.

"TRW TRW The Real World (TV reality show)
TRW The Right Way
TRW Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
TRW The Retriever Weekly (University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD)
TRW Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Inc
 continues its long-standing and highly important role supporting missile warning and defense for the nation with the successful launch of the 20th DSP," said Allen Parker, DSP program manager, TRW Space & Electronics Group. "We are building on our experience with each successive launch and are fully committed to the long-term future of this critical mission."

TRW and Aerojet have built and delivered 23 DSP spacecraft containing missile-detecting infrared sensors built by Aerojet. Twenty spacecraft have been launched; three more will be launched in the coming years. DSP spacecraft have exceeded their specified design lives by 125% through five upgrade programs to improve satellite capability, survivability sur·viv·a·ble  
1. Capable of surviving: survivable organisms in a hostile environment.

2. That can be survived: a survivable, but very serious, illness.
 and life expectancy Life Expectancy

1. The age until which a person is expected to live.

2. The remaining number of years an individual is expected to live, based on IRS issued life expectancy tables.

"Today's launch exemplifies Aerojet's commitment to excellence in the aerospace industry ranging from highly reliable rocket propulsion systems to precise sensor electronics," said Ron Simpson, Aerojet's DSP program manager.

TRW builds the spacecraft under contract to the U.S. Air Force and integrates the sensor payloads provided by Aerojet. The company also provides day-to-day technical assistance at Schriever and Buckley Air Force Bases; performs satellite performance analysis; anomaly resolution and early on-orbit test at its TRW Orbital Test Station; and has built software that helps to process and distribute satellite data.

Aerojet, besides designing and building the 1,200-pound DSP infrared sensors, provides software systems for ground processing of DSP infrared data.

The company developed the Joint Tactical Ground Station, which reports DSP data to theater commanders, and the Attack and Launch Early Reporting to Theater system to analyze DSP data and improve the identification and tracking of ballistic missiles. Aerojet also builds the first- and second-stage engines for the Titan IVB launch vehicle.

A TRW-led team and Aerojet are applying this experience to the Space-Based Infrared System This article or section is in need of attention from an expert on the subject.
Please help recruit one or [ improve this article] yourself. See the talk page for details.
 Low (SBIRS Low) program, the low-Earth orbit component of the next-generation missile warning system. The team was awarded an Air Force contract last August to perform program definition and risk reduction on SBIRS Low.

SBIRS Low will provide precision tracking for national and theater missile defense throughout a missile's trajectory, including discrimination of mid-course objects.

Aerojet, a GenCorp company, is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader principally serving the space electronics, missile and space propulsion, and smart munitions mu·ni·tion  
War materiel, especially weapons and ammunition. Often used in the plural.

tr.v. mu·ni·tioned, mu·ni·tion·ing, mu·ni·tions
To supply with munitions.
 and armaments markets. Aerojet's Web site is at

TRW Space & Electronics Group builds communications, scientific and defense spacecraft for military, civil and commercial customers; produces, integrates and tests payloads; develops advanced space instruments; and integrates experiments into spacecraft.

It is an operating unit operating unit

A type of operating company that engages in transactions with outsiders and that is owned by another business. For example, in 1995 the stockholders of Capital Cities/ABC approved a $19 billion merger with the Walt Disney Company, whereupon
 of TRW Inc., which provides advanced technology products and services for the global automotive, aerospace and information systems markets. TRW's Web site is at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 9, 2000
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