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2010-2011 WNA strategic plan.

Goal I. Collectively and collaboratively advocate for access to
comprehensive quality health care services for all people

#   Objective         Activity          Desired Outcome    Responsible

1.  Support health    1.a. WNA will     1. a. WNA will     WNA
    care reform       have on seat on   contribute to      Councils:
    proposals that    the Governor's    operationalizing   Public
    incorporate the   Office on Health  the National       Policy
    document, The     Care and          Health and         Nursing
    Community of      Insurance         Insurance Reform   Education
    Nursing Agenda    Reform.           imperatives in     Nursing
    on Health Care                      Wisconsin.         Practice
    Reform (NAHCR)
    and include the
    Four Tenets:
    Prevention and
    Consumer Health
    Patient Safety
    and Chronic

                      1.b. WNA will     1.b. Patient
                      advocate for      access to nursing
                      expansion of      care and services
                      patient access    will be
                      to nursing care   increased.
                      and services.

                      1.c.. WNA will    1.c. WNA will
                      promote the       provide
                      following: State  information and
                      Health Plan -     progress related
                      2020 Five         to the 2010 Plan,
                      Million           5 Million Lives,
                      Lives/Wisconsin   Medical Homes and
                      Node              Family Care as it
                                        increases better
                                        patient care and
                                        access to


                      Medical Homes

                      Family Care

2.  Support           2.a. Support      2.a Polices        Public
    legislation and   legislation and   adopted that       Policy
    regulation that   regulation that   address WNA's      Council
    are addressed in  support nursing   Public Policy      WINPAC
    WNA's Public      practice and      Agenda.
    Policy Agenda     patient

                      2.b. Support      2.b. Political
                      WINPAC efforts    candidates will
                                        see value of
                                        nursing support.

3.  WNA Government    3.a. Identify     3.a.Legislation    Public
    Affairs Program   and support       will be passed     Policy
    will address      health policies   that support good  Council
    policies that     that support      health polices
    address patient   patient advocacy  related to:
    advocacy.         and include:

                      * Environmental   * Environmental
                      Health            Health

                      * SmokeFree       * SmokeFree
                      Communities       Communities

                      * Alcohol Abuse   * Alcohol Abuse

                      * Affordable      * Affordable
                      Prescription      Prescription
                      Drugs             Drugs

                      * Medical         * Medical
                      Marijuana         Marijuana

                      3.b. Expand and   3.b. WNA will be   WNA Board of
                      promote           active             Directors
                      collaboration     participants in    Public
                      and partnerships  coalitions and     Policy
                      with coalitions   groups supporting  Council
                      and other groups  improved patient
                      that support      care outcomes.
                      policies related
                      to patient

                      (AARP, CWAG,
                      HCWH, WISPRIG,
                      AWARE, Heart
                      Awareness &
                      Stroke Alliance,

4.  Participate in    4.a. Educate      4.a. Nurses will   Nursing
    strategies that   nurses on use     identify the       Practice
    optimize the      and benefits of   benefits of
    effective use of  telehealth.       telehealth
    technology that                     nursing.
    improve patient
    access and
    demonstrate the
    value of nursing
    in care

                      4.b. Promote      4.b. 2010 WNA      Nursing
                      benefits of       Convention will    Education
                      simulation labs   have a
                      for nursing       pre-conference on
                      students and      use of simulation
                      practicing        labs as a means
                      nurses as an      of increasing
                      educational       nurse
                      strategy.         competency.

                      4.c. Promote WNA  4.c. WNA will      Public
                      membership on     participate as a   Policy
                      Gov's WIRED       member of the
                      Committee.        Governor's WIRED

Goal II. Assure that the registered nurse is an essential provider in
all practice settings through education, research, workplace advocacy,
legislation and regulation

#   Objective        Activity            Desired Outcome   Responsible

1.  WNA's Workforce  1.a. Promote        1. a. 1.Members   WNA
    Advocacy         institutional and   will receive the  Councils:
    Program will     legislative         services/tools    Workforce
    promote nurse    policies that       provided through  Advocacy
    self-advocacy,   support nurses      WNA's WFA         Advisory
    safety,          health, rights and  Program.          Nursing
    competence and   safety that                           Practice
    value.           include:                              Peer

                                         1.a. 2. Non
                                         members will see
                                         the value of the
                                         provided by WNA
                                         and will either
                                         join or purchase

                     * Provide
                     services to

                     * Provide services
                     to nurse in
                     recovery from
                     chemical abuse
                     through the Peer

                     * Address
                     workplace concerns
                     of nurses

                     * Promote the
                     adoption of the
                     utilized in the
                     Engagement Program
                     offered by the
                     Center for
                     American Nurses.

                     * Maintain
                     relevant and

                     1.b. Monitor and    1.b. 1.WNA will   Public
                     activate            work on the       Policy
                     strategies that     development and   Council APN
                     fight attempts to   distribution of   Forum
                     erode Nursing's     documents and
                     Scope of Practice   position papers
                                         that promote
                                         nurses ability
                                         to practice
                                         within the full
                                         scope of their

                     * Monitor
                     legislation and

                     * Collaborate with
                     other advanced
                     practice nursing

                     * Collaborate with
                     the Board of

                     * Promote
                     discussion with

2.  WNA will         2.a. Gain           2.a. There will   Public
    address the      consensus on        be a coalition    Policy
    issues related   desired language    of nursing        Council
    to safe nurse    for Safe Nurse      groups and
    staffing and     Staffing            non-nursing
    nurse shortage   legislation         groups
                                         supportive of
                                         the need for

                     2. b. Lobby for     2.b. Legislation
                     legislation that    will be passed.
                     of medical errors

                     2.c. Support        2.c. Legislation
                     legislative         will be passed.
                     polices that
                     address reduction
                     of nurse fatigue

3.  WNA will         3.a 1. WNA will be  3.a. WNA will     WNA Board
    support          an active           have a seat on
    strategies that  participant in      the WCN Board of
    sustain an       advancing the       Directors.
    adequate and     recommendations
    appropriate      and strategies of
    nursing          the Wisconsin
    workforce for    Center for
    the future.      Nursing.

                     3.b.. WNA will      3.b. Legislative  Public
                     support             and regulatory    Policy
                     legislation that    proposals will    Council
                     address meeting     be adopted.
                     the demands for
                     the number and
                     type of RN's.

                     3.c. WNA will       3.b. WNA will     Nursing
                     examine best        provide a report  Education
                     practice models     to the members.   Council
                     for nursing

4.  WNA will         4.a. Include role   4.a. WNA will     Public
    promote the      of APN in medical   serve on          Policy and
    awareness of     homes at the same   committees that   APN Forum.
    the valuable     level as            are implementing
    contributions    physician.          Medical Homes.
    nurses bring to
    quality health

                     4.b. Increase the   4.b. WNA will     Nursing
                     role of the RN in   sponsor a         Practice
                     Family Care         conference that   Council
                                         demonstrates the
                                         role of the
                                         nurse in
                                         quality and
                                         Family Care

                     4.c. Develop a      4.c. Conduct      WNA Nursing
                     reference for 2010  review of the     Practice and
                     WNA Annual Meeting  literature and    Nursing
                     on demonstrating    create a report   Research
                     the value of        on increasing
                     nursing using       the value of
                     nurse sensitive     nursing through
                     indicators.         the use of nurse

                     4.d. Provide        4.d. Provide      Nursing
                     education/          information at    Education
                     information on      WNA 2011 Annual
                     demonstrating the   Convention.
                     value of nursing
                     through use of
                     electronic medical

5.  WNA will         5.a. Promote the    5. a. Members     Nursing
    promote Nursing  value of nursing    and non members   Research
    Research         research.           will submit       Council
                                         nursing research  Nurses
                                         abstracts.        Foundation

                     * Offer Nursing
                     Research Grant
                     Awards (NFW)

                     * Sponsor Annual
                     Research Poster
                     Presentation (WNA

                     * Promote online
                     posting of WNA
                     Member Research
                     (Marketing tool

6.  WNA will         6.a. Maintain       6.a. Will         Nursing
    promote          status as an        maintain          Education
    continued        approved provider   accreditation     Council and
    competencies in  of continuing       status with       CEAP
    professional     nursing education   ANCC.
    nursing          through an
    practice         ANCC-accredited
                     approver and
                     maintaining status
                     as an accredited
                     approver of
                     continuing nursing
                     education through

                     6.b. Develop and    6.b. On-line      Nursing
                     provide on-line     educational       Education
                     continuing          offerings         Advisory
                     education           developed and     Council in
                     offerings.          provided.         conjunction
                                                           with Nursing

                     6.c. Conduct an     6.c. Education    Nursing
                     education needs     needs             Education
                     assessment of RN's  identified.
                     to deter mine
                     nursing practice
                     and education

Goal III. Promote the existence of the Wisconsin Nurses Association as a
multipurpose organization that will continue to be strong and effective
at the local, state, and national levels

#   Objective   Activity                    Desired      Responsible

1.  WNA will    1.a. Implement member       1.a. Member  Communication
    increase    retention strategies that   retention    and Membership
    member      include the following:      will         Council and
    retention.                              improve.     WNA Board of

                * Current and relevant

                * Social media

                * Member retention data

                * Review if member
                satisfaction survey

                * Timely and relevant

                * District and SIG
                in member retention

                * Connection to ANA and
                Center for American

                * Programs for
                members-only or member

                * Member benefits

                * Create Insurance

2.  WNA will    2.a. Implement member       2. a. WNA    Communication
    see an      recruitment strategies      membership   and Membership
    increase    that include the following  will         Council and
    new         activities:                 increase.    Board of
    members                                              Directors

                * Nurse faculty campaign

                * Partnership with the
                Wisconsin Student Nurses

                * Exhibit as appropriate

                * Provide presentations

                * Provide educational
                offerings and market WNA
                services and programs.

                * Partner with Districts
                and SIGs

                * Provide relevant and
                timely information via
                electronic communication

Adopted by the WNA Board of Directors

April 16, 2010
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