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2001 Senior Fire Support Conference.

Preparations for the 2001 Senior Fire Support Conference, "The Field Artillery in Transformation," are progressing on schedule. The dates for the conference at the Field Artillery School, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, are 23 through 27 April. The conference will focus on the organization and role of the Field Artillery as the Army transforms to a lighter, more lethal force where the emphasis is on technologically advanced systems. It also will address Marine Corps artillery issues--both in the near term and future.

Several of our most senior leaders will speak at the conference, including leaders from other services. This conference promises to be a dynamic and informative one that unquestionably will have an impact on the future of our branch.

Conference invitees include senior Army and Marine commanders and their command sergeants major (CSMs), both. Active and Reserve Components; retired and active Field Artillery general officers; TRADOC TRADOC Training & Doctrine Command (US Army)  school commandants; and Field Artillery Association corporate members. Invitations are being mailed in January.

The first day of the conference, Monday, April 23d, will be devoted to Army division artillery, FA brigade and corps artillery commanders and their CSMs. This session will focus primarily on near-term issues of concern to the field and feature panels to address several of these issues. There will be separate sessions for Army National Guard commanders and their CSMs as well as an off-line session for CSMs.

On Tuesday morning, there will be a golf scramble. Also, a number of special subject matter expert (SME (1) (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) See SMB.

(2) (Subject Matter Expert) An individual who is well-versed in the policies and procedures of a particular department or division.
) presentations will be scheduled throughout the day and attendees will have the opportunity to visit the many exhibits. Tuesday afternoon activities will include briefings for commanders.

The general conference will begin on Wednesday morning, April 25th. Major General Toney Stricklin, Chief of Field Artillery, will kick off the conference and present the Field Artillery Strategic Vision. His presentation will be followed by the Field Artillery Modernization and Transformation Strategy and a National Guard transformation briefing. Joint and combined training will be covered in the afternoon with speakers from the Joint Forces Command, Marine Corps and Air Force Wednesday evening, the US Field Artillery Association will hold its annual meeting and honor General (Retired) J. H. Binford Peay III James Henry Binford "Binnie" Peay III (born May 10, 1940, in Richmond, Virginia) is a retired four-star general from the United States Army and is currently the 14th Superintendent of the Virginia Military Institute.  with a military Tattoo. General Peay is a former Commander of the US Central Command and Vice Chief of Staff of the Army.

The Chief of Staff of the Army General Erick K. Shinseki has been invited to be the keynote speaker on Army Transformation, Thursday, April 26th Attendees also will be updated on the Quadrennial Defense Review
"QDR" redirects here. For the computer technology called QDR, see Quad Data Rate SRAM.

The Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) is a report by the United States Department of Defense that analyzes strategic objectives and potential military
 and other subjects of interest. Discussions on small scale contingency (SSC) and stability and support operations Stability and support operations involve military forces providing safety and support to friendly noncombatants while suppressing and threatening forces.

SASO operations can occur in everything from natural disaster areas (earthquakes, storms and flooding) to insurgencies
 (SASO SASO Saudi Arabian Standards Organization
SASO Stability and Support Operations
SASO South African Students' Organisation
SASO Security And Stability Operations
SASO System Approach for Safety Oversight
SASO Security and Support Operations
SASO Save and Save Often
) challenges will round Out the day. The Senior Fire Support Banquet is Thursday evening.

Most of the discussion on Friday, April 27th, will focus on Objective Force and Initial Brigade Combat Team The brigade combat team (BCT) is the basic deployable unit of maneuver in the US Army. A brigade combat team consists of one combat arms branched maneuver brigade, and its attached support and fire units.  (IBCT IBCT Infantry Brigade Combat Team
IBCT Interim Brigade Combat Team (US Army)
IBCT Initial Brigade Combat Team
IBCT Institute for Business Continuity Training
IBCT Ingénierie et Biologie Cellulaire et Tisulaire
) challenges. This will be a short day to allow attendees to begin returning to home station. The format portion of the conference will end at 1130. But the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS NGAUS National Guard Association of the United States ) Task Force will be meet Friday afternoon.
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