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185 killed in southern Sudan tribal violence.

Summary: Armed gunmen from Sudan People's Liberation Army Not to be confused with Sudan Liberation Movement in Darfur.
The Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA) and its political wing, the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) – known collectively as Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement (
 killed 185 members of a group of displaced displaced

see displacement.
 people near Akobo town in Jonglei state on Sunday.

Armed gunmen from Sudan People's Liberation Army killed 185 members of a group of displaced people near Akobo town in Jonglei state on Sunday. "The number killed is 185, with 31 wounded," regional commissioner Goi Jooyul Yol told reporters.

Of the wounded, "three are SPLA SPLA Sudan People's Liberation Army
SPLA Secretory Phospholipase A
SPLA Service Provider License Agreement (Microsoft)
SPLA Southern Private Landlords Association (UK) 
 and the rest are civilians," he said. "We fear there may be more dead to find," he added. "The situation in Akobo town is tense, and those fleeing the fighting are continuing to arrive into the town."

"People are hungry and the situation is serious," Yol said. "However we are still hoping that this will not escalate es·ca·late  
v. es·ca·lat·ed, es·ca·lat·ing, es·ca·lates
To increase, enlarge, or intensify: escalated the hostilities in the Persian Gulf.

 and that talks between all groups will be possible."

On Monday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Ban Ki-Moon (bän kē-mn), 1944–, South Korean diplomat, secretary-general of the United Nations (2007–), b. Chungju, grad. Seoul National Univ. (B.S.  condemned Sunday's attack. "The Secretary-General notes with extreme concern the 2 August attack in Akobo, Jongeli State, Southern Sudan Southern Sudan is a region of Sudan, comprising ten of that country's provinces. The Sudanese government agreed to give autonomy to the region in the Comprehensive Peace Agreement[1] , and condemns the reported killing of 161 people, including 100 women and children, 50 men and 11 SPLA soldiers," a representative of Ban said in a written statement.

Tribal clashes over territory and cattle in south Sudan have left over 1,000 people dead this year alone. The SPLA has fought against the Sudanese government for over 20 years until a peace deal was signed in 2005.

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Date:Aug 4, 2009
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