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150 ECG problems, 3d ed.


150 ECG ECG electrocardiogram.

1. electrocardiogram

2. electrocardiograph

Also called an electrocardiogram, it records the electrical activity of the heart.
 problems, 3d ed.

Hampton, John R.

Churchill Livingstone Imprint of a medical publishing company owned by Elsevier Ltd, but previously owned by Harcourt and Pearsons. Originally formed from Livingstone, Edinburgh, Scotland, and J & A Churchill, London, UK, and subsequently with an office in New York, but now integrated with the rest of  


312 pages




The third edition of this handbook for electrocardiogram electrocardiogram /elec·tro·car·dio·gram/ (-kahr´de-o-gram?) a graphic tracing of the variations in electrical potential caused by the excitation of the heart muscle and detected at the body surface.  analysis features a new page layout for increased clarity, new case studies and a scale which ranks each ECG problem in terms of difficulty for medical students. Hampton (U. of Nottingham, UK) offers each problem in a clear manner, including the actual chart and patient history (and in some cases the actual chest X-ray chest x-ray,
n an examination of the chest using x-rays. Routinely performed in patients complaining of chest pain to rule out respiratory or heart disease.

chest X-ray Chest film, see there
). Emphasis is placed on the fact that ECG results are only one piece of the diagnostic puzzle, and that measurements are not necessarily infallible.

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