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15 Hints for water dowsing.

COUNTRYSIDE: In regards to the dowsing question from Tina Burgan of Mountain c View, California, I think dowsing would i be a prime concern for all homesteaders, I finding potable water for health and irrigation, and finding lost tools, and many other applications.

If you happened to have an ancestor who was a dowser it will be in your genes or DNA and you would learn to dowse real quick. You would be called a natural born dowser.

Others can learn to dowse. The American Society of Dowsers has chapters scattered throughout the USA and they are happy to help anyone learn to dowse.--Alvin Jackson

Alvin included the handout, below:


1. Get what you are looking for firmly in your mind.

2. Phrase the question so it can be answered yes, no, or maybe. If need be, break it into parts. Writing down both questions and answers will be helpful.

3. Make sure of your wording. What you ask for is what you get and a single word can change the meaning. Questions are taken literally.

4. Accept your original answer. Repeatedly asking the same question is saying, in effect, that you did not like the first one so you get another.

5. If you are concerned you may be putting conscious thinking into an answer. Have someone else dowse it for you. Personal questions for yourself and those close to you are where this is most apt to happen.

6. Get the full answer to the first question before you go on to the next so there is no chance of overlap. In fact, it is a good idea to halt your instrument.

7. Do not ask frivolous questions--ones you already know the answer to or can get easily from another source. They are fine as a learning tool, but come under game playing later.

8. When you do not have enough personal knowledge to phrase a question, it is perfectly acceptable to use the information provided by the mind of the person you are asking to dowse.

9. There is something we call "invasion of privacy." Your very first question, in some cases, should be whether you should ask for the information you want.

10. Know how to recognize when you are getting tired. You will begin to get sloppy answers. Learn to detoxify yourself after a long session.

11. If someone is bothering you, do not hesitate to ask him or her to leave. If you personally feel bad about answering, say no.

12. When dowsing for the future it will most likely be based on the information available today. People and events change, so it is something to keep in mind.

13. Dowse for need not greed and you will be more successful.

14. Do the best you can and if you do make a mistake, try to learn from it.

15. Keep humble.

For dowsing information contact ASD Headquarters 802-684-3417.
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