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... But what about the Yucatan?

...but what about the Yucatan?

Creater hunters from the University of Arizona in Tucson have begun investigating an intriguing formation at the northern end of the Yucatan peninsula. Alan. R. Hildebrand, William V. Boynton and their colleagues report that gravity and magnetic surveys show a buried circular structure measuring 180 kilometers in diameter, centered below the Mexican town of Chicxulub. Drill holes have revealed glassy rocks that could have formed during a meteorite impact, they say.

Earlier this year, Hildebrand and Boynton suggested a subseafloor location north of Colombia as a potential site (SN: 5/19/90, p.311). However, Hildebrand says it will take much more work to determine whether either structure is an impact crater.
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Title Annotation:ancient impact crater
Publication:Science News
Date:Nov 17, 1990
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