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ÔEvilÕ peopleÕs attacks cited by departing UNLV dean

The dean of UNLVÕs College of Education has resigned.

M. Christopher Brown Christopher Brown (born August 15, 1978) is a Bahamian athlete who mainly competes in the 400 metres. In addition to winning medals in individual contests, he has been a successful relay runner with three World Championships medals.  IIÕs last day on the job will be June 30. Administrators will name an interim dean and begin a search for a permanent successor when the university has the money to do so.

ÒI met with the provost this morning, and I donÕt think we see a common vision of the college going forward,Ó Brown said on Tuesday afternoon.

Brown had sent a letter to College of Education employees last week informing them that he had decided to step down, but had second thoughts about his decision after many employees expressed support for him at a college meeting Monday.

Several of the 75 or so staff and faculty members present called for Brown to rescind To declare a contract void—of no legal force or binding effect—from its inception and thereby restore the parties to the positions they would have occupied had no contract ever been made.

rescind v.
 his resignation.

Although some faculty members have criticized the deanÕs leadership in private, MondayÕs meeting was largely an outpouring of support for Brown.

At the start of the event, Brown told employees he had submitted his notice as a result of the collegeÕs infighting in·fight·ing  
1. Contentious rivalry or disagreement among members of a group or organization: infighting on the President's staff.

2. Fighting or boxing at close range.
. He said a small group of faculty members — Òsome of the most evil and mean-spirited people I have ever encounteredÓ — had been making personal attacks against him, and that he just didnÕt want to take it anymore.

Brown said one faculty member had made a racist comment to him that he did not want to repeat. And, Brown continued, a donor had recently reported hearing rumors For other uses, see Rumor (disambiguation).

Rumors is a farcical play by Neil Simon.

At its start, several affluent couples gather in the posh suburban residence of a couple for a dinner party celebrating their tenth anniversary.
 that faculty members disliked dis·like  
tr.v. dis·liked, dis·lik·ing, dis·likes
To regard with distaste or aversion.

An attitude or a feeling of distaste or aversion.
 the dean because he was a Republican. (Brown is a Democrat, but used to be a Republican.)

In a June 2008 memo that NevadaÕs public higher education higher education

Study beyond the level of secondary education. Institutions of higher education include not only colleges and universities but also professional schools in such fields as law, theology, medicine, business, music, and art.
 chancellor distributed to legislators, the news media and others, UNLV UNLV University of Nevada, Las Vegas  Executive Vice President and Provost Neal Smatresk wrote, ÒTHE IMPACT OF A 14% CUT ON UNLVÕS PROGRAMS IS FATAL.Ó

The loss of classes and students Òwould begin a Ôdeath spiralÕ of declining services and funding that could never be reversed,Ó Smatresk wrote. ÒAlong the way UNLVÕs research programs would cease, staff and faculty would leave and UNLVÕs graduate program would decline by at least 50%.Ó

Now, instead of a 14 percent decrease in funding, UNLV is facing a 15.4 percent cut. And indeed, the university is suffering — administrators have reduced class offerings and eliminated or left open more than 360 jobs this year, including about 100 faculty positions.

But UNLV officials are no longer warning of a coming apocalypse apocalypse (əpŏk`əlĭps) [Gr.,=uncovering], genre represented in early Jewish and in Christian literature in which the secrets of the heavenly world or of the world to come are revealed by angelic mediation within a narrative . At a town-hall meeting last month, UNLV President David Ashley said in a packed auditorium auditorium

Portion of a theater or hall where an audience sits, as distinct from the stage. The auditorium originated in the theaters of ancient Greece, as a semicircular seating area cut into a hillside.
 that the universityÕs budget cut was Òsomething we can deal with, and thatÕs the key message.Ó

UNLV researchers have won more than $2.1 million from the Energy Department to lead four research projects related to nuclear technology. They represent steps in the right direction for a school working to establish a reputation for world-class research.

The projects deal with topics including nuclear waste separation technology and the disposal of nuclear waste.

The announcement last month of the awards brings more prestige to the universityÕs 5-year-old radiochemistry radiochemistry, chemistry of radioactive substances (see radioactivity). Radioactive isotopes are very useful as tracers to study the mechanisms of complex organic reactions, since even minute amounts of these isotopes are easily detected by means of a Geiger counter  program, whose director, Ken Czerwinski, will serve as a principal investigator Noun 1. principal investigator - the scientist in charge of an experiment or research project

scientist - a person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences
 on three of the projects. He and colleagues competed against other researchers to win the Energy Department money.

At a time when state funding for higher education is shrinking, securing support from outside agencies is critical if UNLV is to continue pursuing its goal of becoming a nationally recognized research institution.

Often, a portion of grants and contracts from sources outside the university goes toward paying graduate student researchers. Without this outside money, the compensation many departments could offer graduate student workers would fall below average.

Some of the money the radiochemistry program was awarded will support graduate and undergraduate student research.

Administrators say that for UNLV to gain recognition for its research, faculty members need to successfully compete against colleagues across the nation for external funding for projects.

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