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`Women pay me for sex' Adam Phillips, 26, has slept with 500 women and been paid pounds 250,000 for the pleasure. Here, he reveals all about his life as an escort to some of Britain's wealthiest women.

`When I became a male escort at the age of 20, I did it for the money. Now, six years later, I'm addicted to the lifestyle. When you've been exposed to such wealth, and it still isn't yours, it can drive you mad.

`The idea of becoming an escort occurred to me after a female friend put an advert for her services in a local newspaper. I was so fascinated that I watched her for six months to understand exactly what it entailed. When I saw how much money she was earning, I decided to try it myself. Although I had a full-time job as a bank clerk, which paid pounds 13,000 a year, I was always short of cash. I longed to be able to afford a bigger flat and expensive clothes. There was no way, of course, that I could ever tell my family or colleagues about it. I come from a middle-class Catholic background; if my parents found out they would hit the roof.

`So when I put an advert in my local paper, the Kensington and Chelsea Times, saying: "Fit, muscular 20-year-old, looking for ladies to entertain", it was a secret. At the time, I assumed that most women who booked me wouldn't want sex, just for me to accompany them to places, such as the theatre. I soon discovered that the belief that women never pay for sex is a myth. If a woman is spending that much money - and I was charging pounds 150 in those days - she wants more than just a dinner date.

`My first customer was a middle-aged lady from West London. When I arrived at her huge Victorian house, I was shaking with nerves. I'd been worried that I wouldn't be able to perform, and my fears grew when she opened the door.

`I didn't find her at all attractive. She was severe-looking, in a long skirt and a blouse, with a "You're here to serve me" sort of attitude. Apparently, she had a partner who was away a lot. I got the impression from her confident manner that this wasn't the first time she'd booked a male escort.

`We chatted, she poured us both a drink, and then she took me upstairs. It might surprise people to learn that, in my private life, I've never been highly-sexed. The fact that she was so appreciative of my efforts got me through it.

`When she paid me the pounds 150, I was amazed at how easy it had been. I'd obviously satisfied her because the following week she invited me back.

`But my advert didn't produce enough custom, so I joined an escort agency in Central London. As one of the only heterosexual males on their books, I've been kept very busy. During my time as an escort I've slept with about 500 women.

`Three of my clients are regulars. The eldest is a 62-year-old widow, the second is a married woman of 55, and the third a 48-year-old divorcee. They're all extremely wealthy, with homes in the Home Counties and the West Country.

`Each one believes that she is my only customer, a belief that I encourage for my own sake. After six years, there is an emotional attachment on both sides. They tell me they love me, and I'm fond of them, too.

`The minimum length of time I spend with any of my regulars is 12 hours, but this can stretch to a weekend or a fortnight away on holiday. I prefer this because if I feel tired or know that I'm going to have a problem getting aroused, I can suggest making love later in the day, or the next morning. When a client books me for just an hour, I wear tight T-shirts and clothes I know will turn her on quickly.

`On average I have sex about five times a week, with regulars and one- off clients. I've been to Grenada, Jamaica, ski resorts, and hotels, such as the Paris Ritz. I also dine at the most exclusive restaurants, which I love, although I often have to accompany clients to the theatre too, which I loathe.

`I see each of my regulars about once every ten days. One of them pays me after each visit - I now charge pounds 250 per hour - the other two pay pounds 1,500 and pounds 2,000 into my bank account each month. All my regulars are generous. As well as my salary, they buy me expensive presents, such as Gucci and Versace clothes, Louis Vuitton luggage, and a Cartier watch and cufflinks. Only yesterday one of them had a Gucci watch sent to my home.

`Last year, after working as an escort for five years, I resigned from my job at the bank because I was making so much money. Since I began, I've made about pounds 250,000. The most I've earned was pounds 8,000 in one week from a very generous client. I've saved a few thousand, but I still rent my flat in Central London. With my savings I've set up an IT recruitment agency, which I'd eventually like to concentrate on.

`None of these ladies' friends or family know that I'm a hired lover. When I go yachting with one of them, for example, she tells everyone I'm part of the crew. Another tells her friends I'm a distant relative. But some situations can be awkward. On holiday once I was asked through a microphone at a hotel if I was with my mother. I was so embarrassed, I just said "yes".

`One lady, who has since become a dear friend, hired me to help her lose her virginity at the age of 26. She's a Muslim from Saudi Arabia, and although she had been married, her husband had never wanted to make love to her. After her divorce, a worldly wise friend suggested that she book an escort.

`She and her friend arrived on the plane in their yashmaks, but as soon as they reached their hotel, they changed into Western clothes. Then they came to the agency, looked at photographs and picked me. It was a liberating experience for her, not a sordid one.

`Other clients have included two beautiful bisexual girls who wanted me to join them. They were very skilled in bed, which was daunting. I had to summon up all my expertise to please them. I prefer it when women are less experienced, because then I can really shine.

`By far the most common request is from wealthy men who want to watch their girlfriends or wives making love to another man. At first, I was confused by this scenario. I thought the husband would get jealous and angry, or in cases where there is a female escort present too, that the wife would object. But these couples tend to be seasoned voyeurs, and it's often the wife who has booked me. At first I thought it was weird, but I don't mind doing it.

`Occasionally, the husband joins in to form a threesome, but I would never let a man touch me. If a husband tries to fondle me, I gently remove his hands. I have my limits. I only do straight sex with women and I always wear a condom.

`Since becoming an escort I've only had one long-term girlfriend, who was an escort too. I've never been in love in my life and I'm beginning to get to the point where I feel I'm missing out. I realise that one day I'll want to settle down. Obviously, I will give up being an escort when I do.

`My parents still have no idea. They just think I'm doing well with my IT company. I've told some of my male friends and they think it's a brilliant way to make money. One or two have even asked about joining my agency, although I've put them off. Apart from anything, I could do without the competition.

`Meanwhile, I know that I'm good at my job and have learned over the years how to give a woman pleasure. During foreplay, I find out what they enjoy and how they like to be made love to. But I would never presume that I could do anything, such as oral sex, without asking permission.

`I prefer women of about 45, with taste, class, and a happy disposition. Women like that are more appreciative of my efforts. It's important for me to enjoy the sexual side of the arrangement, as well as my client. I enjoy sex more when the woman is lying on her side or on her tummy.

`I'm different to other men because I know straight away what women want. In my experience they love penetration and kissing. I would never expect a woman to give me oral sex, although the younger ones usually do.

`Without a doubt, size matters. To put it bluntly, mine is eight-and- a-half inches long. If I was small, I wouldn't be in such demand.

`I think women also like me because they can tell I genuinely like them. They can take me anywhere, from a top restaurant or hotel to a private party, and know that they can rely on me for perfect manners. Luckily, I've managed to stay at the upper end of the market. At the prices I charge, only wealthy women can afford to hire me more than once.

`The problem, when I do finally give up escort work, will be how to finish with the three women I've been seeing regularly. It will be so difficult for them and for me as well, because we're genuinely very fond of each other.

`But the hardest sacrifice will be giving up my way of life. When you've sampled the best hotels and restaurants, and dress from head to toe in designer clothes, the only way is down.'
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