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Byline: Marilyn Beck & Stacy Jenel Smith

Recording whiz Sean ``Puffy'' Combs certainly is approaching his fledgling acting career seriously. The prolific entrepreneur/rap star tells this column he's working with drama coaches in both New York New York, state, United States
New York, Middle Atlantic state of the United States. It is bordered by Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and the Atlantic Ocean (E), New Jersey and Pennsylvania (S), Lakes Erie and Ontario and the Canadian province of
 and Los Angeles Los Angeles (lôs ăn`jələs, lŏs, ăn`jəlēz'), city (1990 pop. 3,485,398), seat of Los Angeles co., S Calif.; inc. 1850.  as he warms up to play a quarterback in Oliver Stone's football movie. Previously known as ``On Any Given Sunday,'' the flick, now titleless, is set to roll in November.

Combs' movie work doesn't, however, mean he's turning away from the music biz. He reveals he has a compilation album of the greatest hits of all the artists on his Bad Boy record label on the way for year-end release. In fact, he says it's Volume 1 of a multipart compilation.

``Also, we have Faith (Evans) and Total (albums) coming out,'' notes Combs, who was among the stellar music names on hand for last week's MTV MTV
 in full Music Television

U.S. cable television network, established in 1980 to present videos of musicians and singers performing new rock music. MTV won a wide following among rock-music fans worldwide and greatly affected the popular-music business.
 Video Awards. As for his own next album, ``It'll be out June 26 of next year.''

From the inside looking out

``He's as good as any director I've ever worked with, and as an objective person, I can say no less,'' says Walter Matthau about being directed by his son Charlie.

Charlie directed Sunday's CBS (Cell Broadcast Service) See cell broadcast.  TV movie ``The Marriage Fool,'' in which his dad plays a widower who becomes involved with a woman (Carol Burnett Carol Creighton Burnett (born April 26, 1933 in San Antonio, Texas) is an Emmy Award-winning actress, comedian, singer, dancer, and writer and is known for her long and successful entertainment career. Burnett started her career in New York. ) his children dislike.

Charlie also directed his father's TV movie ``Mrs. Lambert Remembers Love,'' with Ellen Burstyn Ellen Burstyn (born December 7, 1932, as Edna Rae Gillooly in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.) is an Academy Award-winning American actress. Personal Life
Because her parents divorced when she was young, Ellen says she only remembers seeing her father one time when she
. And in 1995, he was at the helm of the big-screen adaptation of Truman Capote's ``The Grass Harp,'' in which Matthau teamed with Jack Lemmon.

Walter says of the latter, ``It got wonderful notices but no attention. You see, it didn't have violence, and it didn't have steamy sex. Monica Lewinsky wasn't in it, (Clinton) was not in it. It was just a beautiful little story about a sensitive writer in the South brought up by two aunts. And Charlie did a beautiful job with it.''

Charlie, he wants us to know, ``understands what's expected of him, and does it quietly, without becoming an emotional wreck. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe he should throw tantrums, have an affair with a beautiful starlet star·let  
1. A small star.

2. A young film actress publicized as a future star.


a young actress who has the potential to become a star

Noun 1.
, punch a photographer in the nose. Then, maybe he'd get more notice.''

Trouble in time

``Touched by an Angel'' has been casting about for actors to portray Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln, Mary Todd, 1818–82, wife of Abraham Lincoln, b. Lexington, Ky. Of a good Kentucky family, she was living with her sister, daughter-in-law of Gov. Ninian Edwards of Illinois, in Springfield, Ill., when she met and married (1842) Lincoln.  Lincoln and young Tad Lincoln for an episode in which the angels recall being on the scene the night the great president died. At last, we'll get the inside scoop on Abe's feelings about his precognitive pre·cog·ni·tion  
Knowledge of something in advance of its occurrence, especially by extrasensory perception; clairvoyance.

 dream the night before his assassination Assassination
See also Murder.


Fanatical Moslem sect that smoked hashish and murdered Crusaders (11th—12th centuries). [Islamic Hist.: Brewer Note-Book, 52]


conspirator and assassin of Julius Caesar. [Br.
 - and how he felt ready to face death.

Also sailing into otherworldly waters is the new ``Love Boat'' - of all things. They're doing an episode in which odd occurrences begin taking place when the ship strays into the Bermuda Triangle.

And no peanuts, either

Multiple MTV Video Award winner Jonas Akerlund - the director who gave us Madonna's ``Ray of Light'' and Prodigy's ``Smack My B---- Up'' videos - tells us his latest venture is an ``alternative circus ... There are no animals and no circus ring,'' he explains. ``Just stunts and unusual films in the stage background with talented performers. It just opened in southern Sweden. Hopefully, it will come to America soon.''

The videoland view

Brenda Vaccaro is guesting on CBS' upcoming ``The King of Queens'' sitcom - playing a woman visiting her nephew and his wife (Kevin James and Leah Remini) who turns out to be some sort of house guest. She spends the night with her nephew's father-in-law (Jerry Stiller) right there under the young folks' roof.

Backhanded compliment

Rob Zombie A computer that has been covertly taken over in order to perform some nefarious task. It is estimated that millions of PCs around the world have been compromised and, under the control of a third party, routinely transmit messages unbeknownst to the user.  reveals that the first leg of his ``Hellbilly Deluxe'' U.S. concert tour will ``go until Christmas'' - and that the rigors of the road don't worry him. The heavy metal rocker, who makes his solo debut with the Geffen ``Hellbilly'' album, feels he's already done the hard work. ``We've gone from a kookie Kookie

teen idol of 1950s whose character was depicted by slick shirts, tight pants, and “wet look” hairstyle. [TV: “77 Sunset Strip” in Terrace, II, 282–283]

See : Foppishness
 little idea to a full-blown production. Now, I just have to go out there and play.''

By the way, Rob still finds it ``hilarious'' that Barbra Streisand selected his music to blare at media members outside her Malibu estate the evening of her wedding to Jim Brolin. ``You could take it as an insult that she apparently thought White Zombie was the most annoying music she could find,'' he says, ``but to me, if Barbra Streisand really liked it, I'd think I was doing something wrong.''

With reports by Stephanie DuBois. The Celebrities column appears Monday through Friday.


2 Photos

PHOTO (1) Walter Matthau

Following son's orders

(2) Brenda Vaccaro

``King of Queens'' guest
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