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`I THINK MISSING MILLY IS DEAD' Welsh psychic used by South Wales Police tells the Echo...

A PSYCHIC detective who has helped in some of South Wales' biggest crime cases believes missing schoolgirl Amanda Dowler has been abducted and killed.

Sue Evans has been helping police piece together 14-yearold Amanda's movements after she was last spotted leaving Walton-on-Thames railway station in Surrey three-months-ago.

Using a technique called remote view, Sue claims to be able to tune into guiding spirits of people who are missing and follow them to find them or the bodies of those who have been murdered.

Sue, 45 says she believes Amanda - also known as Milly - was abducted as she walked home by a middle aged man in his 40s who she knew.

She suspects that he then abused her and killed her soon after the abduction.

Sue, who is married with three children, said: ``I knew almost straight away that Milly was dead. I have been involved in countless murders and missing person cases and have been successful in providing the police with leads.

``I got in touch with Waltonon-Thames police to offer the information and they agreed it would be good for me to work on the case.

``I have also put in a request through Scotland Yard to speak with Milly's mother as I think I may be able to help her.''

Sue has become the police's secret weapon in fighting crime and solving mysteries.

She sends them information about certain cases they are investigating and detectives often travel to her home in Ammanford to ask for her perspective on a crime.

She says that although the police were initially sceptical about her, they have become more open minded since she has helped them solve a series of murders and missing person cases, many of which have been in South Wales.

Last year she helped find the body of missing man Paul Royston Williams who went disappeared on his way to a Status Quo concert last November.

Sue used remote view to lead police to Royston's body on St Donats beach in December.

She said: ``I read an appeal for information in the paper about Raymond and was able to give police information which led to them finding his body.

``The police were a bit wary at first, but now I have proved myself their attitude towards me has changed.

``I give them information only they could know and have provided leads to cases that they have then been able to solve.

``Some people pooh-pooh it but that's because they don't understand what I do. But if you think about it, a lot of police work is based on intuition and what I do is not that different.''

Sue is often able to tune into the spirit of someone who has been killed and they take her back through remote view to the last moments of their lives.

It may sound harrowing, but Sue says the experience is rewarding when it helps solve crime.

She said: ``It can be very emotional to go through someone's last moments - you are tuned into their spirit and go through their feelings with them.

``But it is worth it as families often want to know what their loved one went through at the end. I can tell them. It is a comfort to them to know that their loved one is at peace.

``Some spirits are more helpful than others. They keep the characters they had when they were alive, so if they were awkward when a person, they will be awkward spirits. But I see them as people - they are someone's son or daughter, mother or father.''

Sue is now in such demand that she has started the country's first psychic detective school.

She claims that anyone who joins the class will be able to tune into their psychic side by the end of the 13-week course. ``Anyone can do what I do. Everyone's got a psychic self and I just teach people how to tune into it. It's like the natural instinct in mothers or the way animals sense when their owner's unwell.

``There's a sixth sense in us all but society has become lazy and relies on e-mail and telephones instead these days.

``The school has been running for two terms now and a wide range of people turn up to the sessions. Some just want to learn about spiritual healing while others want to get in touch with a loved one who has passed on.''

Sue, who works part time as an auxiliary nurse, holds her classes on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings in Ammanford.

But she also runs correspondence courses and does readings over the telephone.

She says she knew she had psychic abilities since she was five-years-old but only began to channel them as a teenager.

And she has a quick answer for those who ask her to predict tonight's lottery numbers. ``I probably could see the lottery numbers but I've never tried to as it would be for personal gain. I prefer to think of my abilities as a public service and I hope that in the future police will use psychics a lot more as another form of investigating.''

A South Wales Police spokesman said: ``This sort of thing is sometimes used when there are no other leads. You have to be careful as you can get your fair share of nutters ringing us. But I do know of a few people like this who have helped police in the past.''


SPIRITUAL BELIEF; Psychic Sue Evans believes Amanda Dowler has been abducted and murdered by someone she knew.
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Jun 29, 2002
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