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"The Gofer" - Coachella Valley's Newest Hybrid Transport

Bob Gibson
    For other uses, see Bob Gibson (disambiguation).
Pack Robert "Bob" Gibson (born November 9, 1935 in Omaha, Nebraska) is a former right-handed baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals from 1959 to 1975.
 glides through the streets of Sun City Shadow Hills on his favorite transport, "The Gofer (language) Gofer - A lazy functional language designed by Mark Jones <> at the Programming Research Group, Oxford, UK in 1991. It is very similar to Haskell 1.2. " - a seven-speed bike with a battery powered motor. He can easily switch from exercise to sit-back-and-relax modes at the push of a thumb. The vehicle is a hybrid transporter, taking the average electric golf cart to the next level of green.

The Gofer looks as if it will take flight, round up golf balls on a busy driving range or simply pedal you from point A to point B under a canary yellow canvas top. The first time you see The Gofer you might be compelled to obstruct its path so you can grill the peddler peddler or hawker, itinerant vendor of small goods. In rural America peddlers carried their packs or drove a horse and cart from door to door.  to explain it or tell you where you can buy your own.

Gibson is an Everett, Washington This page is currently protected from editing to deal with vandalism. Protection is not an endorsement of the current [ version]   transplant, having made the permanent move to the Coachella Valley Coachella Valley (kō'əchĕl`ə), arid region, SE Calif., N of the Salton Sea. Water is brought into the region by artesian wells and by the Coachella Canal (123 mi/198 km long), a branch of the All-American Canal built between 1938 and  in 2004. Bob loves to golf, but his six foot-three inch, 60-something year-old body needs extra stimulation by way of exercise between rounds or "the old legs tighten up Verb 1. tighten up - restrict; "Tighten the rules"; "stiffen the regulations"
constrain, stiffen, tighten

confine, limit, throttle, trammel, restrain, restrict, bound - place limits on (extent or access); "restrict the use of this parking lot"; "limit the

"That's when I got the idea of adding exercise to the usual ritual on a golf course," Gibson says, noting "many of our valley's courses require golfers to use a cart so I thought that if I had a cart that I could peddle, but give me some quick power when I needed it, I could stay in better physical condition. I also figured the cart could be used around my home in Shadow Hills, to get me around the community and to the clubhouse." A search for a vehicle to fit his desire for a bike/electric-cart came up empty, so in the spirit of a true entrepreneur, he set out to create one himself.

Gibson's R&D effort took him from bike shops, to the Internet, trade shows and eventually to a manufacturer who helped with research, design and production.

After several changes to improve functionality, and adding a four-wheel design along with his original "Trike" he created "The Gofer" which he unveiled to great acclaim at the Palm Desert Golf Cart Parade this fall where he won the Best of Show award.

Turning an idea into a quest is nothing new for Gibson. A former Army soldier out of Louisville, Kentucky

“Louisville” redirects here. For other uses, see Louisville (disambiguation).
, Bob landed in Germany during what he refers to as the "Berlin crisis." He learned to speak the German language fluently while serving.

After the military, Bob's experience landed him a job working directly for Ray Croc, founder of the McDonalds restaurant chain for whom he helped establish the first McDonalds restaurants in Germany. He opened about two dozen McDonalds before returning to the states.

Ever the serial entrepreneur Serial entrepreneur

Business person that successfully starts (does not kill) a number of different businesses.
, Gibson moved from Kentucky to Washington where he owned a real estate brokerage and later, a travel agency, before making the move to the desert.

Wherever Gibson takes it, "The Gofer" draws a lot of attention. When pitching it he says, "You can peddle it like a seven-speed bike or use the battery-powered motor. It's fun and easy to ride and you can build stronger legs, feel healthier, and save the environment and your money by going green."

The Gofer is outfitted with a golf bag rack and large basket. The 36 volt battery (3x12volt) has a range of about 15 miles before recharge and the motor can run on level ground at about 7 miles per hour.

The highest peddling speed is a bit higher, except downhill, of course, which is much higher.

There are front and rear brakes, a light system to assist with determining amount of power remaining in batteries and oversize o·ver·size  
1. A size that is larger than usual.

2. An oversize article or object.

adj. o·ver·size also o·ver·sized
Larger in size than usual or necessary.

Adj. 1.
 tires for traveling on grass.

The Gofer, priced at $2,995, comes with a steel frame and canvas cover with removable window (zipper zipper

Device for binding the edges of an opening, as on a garment or a bag. A zipper consists of two strips of material with metal or plastic teeth along the edges, and a sliding piece that interlocks the teeth when moved in one direction and separates them again when moved
). For more information, visit or call 567-7003.

If you happen to see "Bobby-G" and his amazing "Gofer" in your community or on your golf course, give him a whistle and ask him to stop.

He won't mind if you take it for a spin. That's just the Kentucky way.

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