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"On-the-fly" interoperability for GIS data across networks and the Internet. (Products and Services).

Global Geomatics, Inc., has introduced MapFusion, the first commercial off-the-shelf software commercial off-the-shelf software - commercial software  that permits access to geospatial data from diverse sources and formats without requiring complex preprocessing A preliminary processing of data in order to prepare it for the primary processing or for further analysis. The term can be applied to any first or preparatory processing stage when there are several steps required to prepare data for the user.  or time-consuming translations. MapFusion's "on-the-fly" ability to access, visualize, share, and disseminate GIS data across the Internet or IP-based intranets means that even non-GIS specialists can reap benefits from geospatial data created by other departments or organizations.

MapFusion seamlessly and dynamically merges heterogeneous and distributed geospatial data files into a single map, literally "fusing" maps together. Multiple vector or image files, regardless of their source coordinate systems or formats, can be combined to form a single map. The product uniformly displays tactical overlays atop geospatial data from any source.

Designed to meet demanding military and commercial requirements, MapFusion supports interoperability among prevalent geospatial military standards, including VPF VPF vascular permeability factor; see vascular endothelial growth factor, under factor. , RPF RPF renal plasma flow.


renal plasma flow.
, ADRG ADRG ARC Digitized Raster Graphic
ADRG Arc Digitizer Raster Graphic
ADRG Advanced Digitized Raster Graphics
, and DTED, as well as among popular GIS business packages from ESRI, Informix (an IBM subsidiary), Intergraph, MapInfo, ObjectFX, Oracle, and Virtual Prototypes. MapFusion can also retrieve data from proprietary and open GIS file formats A GIS file format is a standard of encoding geographical information into a file. They are created mainly by government mapping agencies (such as the USGS) or by GIS software developers.

Metadata often includes:
  • Elevation data, either in raster or vector form (e.g.
. In true "any-to-any" fashion, it operates in a broad variety of computing environments including Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000, Sun Microsystems Solaris, and Linux.

MapFusion is easy to use: It can be learned in less than three hours. The product itself can be installed and be up and running in a heterogeneous computing environment in less than 30 minutes.

Software pricing for a typical single-server installation running under Microsoft Windows with five workstations and a small array of MapFusion adapters is about $25,000.

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