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"Free-thinking" Catholic conference.

Montreal, QC -- Montreal was the scene of a Canadian Canadian (kənā`dēən), river, 906 mi (1,458 km) long, rising in NE New Mexico. and flowing E across N Texas and central Oklahoma into the Arkansas River in E Oklahoma.  religious conference from June 3 to 5 for over 500 self-described "free-thinking" Catholic priests This is an annotated list of men primarily known for their work as Catholic priests. Catholic priests who are mostly known for their non-priestly work should be placed on other lists.  and nuns from across Canada Across Canada was an afternoon program that formerly aired on The Weather Network. The segment ran from early 1999 until mid 2002. The show ran from 3:00PM ET until 7:00 PM ET. . The conference was organized by the Canadian Religious Conference representing 230 Canadian Catholic religious communities. Delegates were supposedly considering ways to attract new recruits to the religious life, as well as ways to allow women to participate more actively in the Church, including as female priests. The emphasis on ecosystems, environment, and earth cosmology cosmology, area of science that aims at a comprehensive theory of the structure and evolution of the entire physical universe. Modern Cosmological Theories
 filled most of the time, all unlikely to encourage new vocations.
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Title Annotation:Canada; Canadian Religious Conference
Publication:Catholic Insight
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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