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"Daggering" sex lands Jamaican men with broken willies.

Byline: ANI

London, (ANI): A bizarre sex craze has landed many Jamaican men in hospitals, after they got their willies wil·lies  
pl.n. Slang
Feelings of uneasiness. Often used with the: The dark, dank cave gave me the willies.

[Origin unknown.
 fractured while indulging in a fast and rough intercourse, called "daggering".

Doctors have reported that the number of such cases has skyrocketed in a year after a rise in so-called "daggering".

In their opinion, the injuries occur during the fast, rough intercourse and can even cause permanent damage.

"We have noticed an increase," the Sun quoted a doctor at Kingston Public Hospital on the island as saying.

He added: "During very rigorous intercourse the man can hit the woman's pubic bone pubic bone
The forward portion of either of the hipbones, at the juncture forming the front arch of the pelvis. Also called pubis.
 and sustain a fracture. There is a loud popping sound, excruciating pain and swelling swelling /swell·ing/ (swel´ing)
1. transient abnormal enlargement of a body part or area not due to cell proliferation.

2. an eminence, or elevation.
." (ANI)

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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Jun 3, 2009
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