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When it is 43 [degrees] C below with a slight wind and bright sunshine peeking over the horizon revealing the ice fog ice fog
A fog of ice particles. Also called pogonip.

Noun 1. ice fog - a dense winter fog containing ice particles

fog - droplets of water vapor suspended in the air near the ground
 hanging over the downtown core
This article is about the urban planning area in Singapore. For the more general discussion, see Downtown.

The Downtown Core is a 266-hectare urban planning area in the south of the city-state of Singapore.
 of Yellowknife, one wonders about even venturing outside. It must be the sun or the hot coffee, but one slowly gets around to starting the day. An advantage we have, assuming the propane or fuel oil tank is not frozen, is that the house is still warm and hopefully so is the office. As you get bundled up in down-filled parkas, wind pants, insulated boots or mukluks and head off to work, some of us become more complacent and push the remote starter button allowing the vehicle to warm up. This only works if you remember to plug in your truck the night before which would allow it to start in the first place. Once you arrive at work and have passed out the ration of electric heaters to allow the offices to remain at a comfortable temperature, you commence the day passing around communal sweaters and hoping that the landlord remembered to turn off the air conditioning air conditioning, mechanical process for controlling the humidity, temperature, cleanliness, and circulation of air in buildings and rooms. Indoor air is conditioned and regulated to maintain the temperature-humidity ratio that is most comfortable and healthful. .

As you begin your day of practicing law and talking to Noun 1. talking to - a lengthy rebuke; "a good lecture was my father's idea of discipline"; "the teacher gave him a talking to"
lecture, speech

rebuke, reprehension, reprimand, reproof, reproval - an act or expression of criticism and censure; "he had to
 people in the south, the first thing they ask you is "how cold is it, and how could you possibly live there?" As you talk to clients or colleagues in the north, they also comment on the weather -- either complaining, commenting on the great sunrise, or breathing an audible sigh that it has "warmed" up to -30 [degrees] C. If one of the client files requires a court appearance, you are in a conundrum as to whether it would be appropriate to attend the courthouse in snow pants and fur hat or change into more presentable pre·sent·a·ble  
1. That can be given, displayed, or offered: presentable gifts; presentable attire.

2. Fit for introduction to others: presentable relatives.
 attire. The problem being that snow pants are a little bit difficult to get in and out of and, as you need dress shoes to go with your suit, you have to decide what is appropriate footwear for the trek there and back. You also have the added problem of wearing a fur hat which causes a "very bad hair day" and should you go without a hat, you very quickly develop a post-nasal drip Post-nasal drip (PND) occurs when excessive mucus is produced by the sinuses. The excess mucus accumulates in the throat or back of the nose. It can be caused by rhinitis, sinusitis, or laryngopharyngeal acid reflux.  which requires bringing wads of Kleenex to your court application.

Darkness seems to be a pervasive factor, especially in the dead of winter after a brilliant sunrise has turned into a cloudy overcast sky with the threat of snow. Remember that it is not "really cold" because it is a "dry cold" which is somehow warmer, so you continue on with the day. But it is still dark!

The change of seasons in the north is fast and furious. You go from the dry cold to a brilliant spring day with melting snow which quickly develops into a summer of long endless days where you wonder if you really want to work at all. Your surroundings soon change to the colours of fall, with blustery blus·ter  
v. blus·tered, blus·ter·ing, blus·ters

1. To blow in loud, violent gusts, as the wind during a storm.

a. To speak in a loudly arrogant or bullying manner.
 winds and dark skies Dark Skies is an American sci-fi/drama television series which aired during the 1996-1997 season for 20 episodes. The success of The X-Files on the FOX Network proved there was an audience for genre shows, resulting in the NBC Network commissioning this proposed . As winter arrives, you approach another season of plugging in vehicles, square tires, and freeze ups.

On occasion you may travel south and work in the normal environment of rush-hour traffic, appropriate modes of dress, and trekking through slush slush  
1. Partially melted snow or ice.

2. Soft mud; slop; mire.

3. Nautical Grease or fat discarded from a ship's galley.

4. A greasy compound used as a lubricant for machinery.
. When you return on the Mainlinersked (scheduled air service from the south), you are always happy to be home in this unforgiving environment thinking "how can those people be happy working and living down there?"
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Author:Williams, Jack R.
Date:Dec 1, 2001
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